Monday, November 30, 2009

It's life, and my computer is still broken.

Life is...what it is. I try to tell everyone that, and they just seem to not believe me, which is odd.. Everything has been going on lately... I came back from thanksgiving which i got to go home for, which is wicked exciting. It was so nice to go home and see everyone again..
Back in Jacksonville things are changing too, unfortunately i can't just tell people everything, but trust me, it's not too too bad down here... of course there are things that could be better, like if i could get out of the marines... sooner!!!! lol. sorry these posts aren't even close to the witty and unfounded humor of my older ones...but then again, no one ever reads this shit anyway.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

The past week.

For the past week or so, my computer has been broken, leaving me without a way to write anything at all. Of course all the things that happen day to day slip away and next thing you know, you have no idea what you want to say.
I've been hanging out a lot lately, making sure i keep going to the gym, and watching what i eat. I need to get back into shape, i wish i never let myself go.
I bought a nice black shirt today, and i hope everyone who gets to see it enjoys it as much as much as i do. I don't really like the over all style but i guess for the most part it's okay.
Someone i cared a lot for the other day told me i can't talk to her anymore...which is kinda depressing, i knew life would go on, but i never thought i would have to sacrifice who i talk to. I guess life is just full of "surprises".
Other then that nothing to big happened. By the way i have a question to ask, whoever reads this. Is it a date to go out after 7? someone answer me that, because i don't think so.