Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another day, not another dollar?

Money, Everyone assumes they need it in one way or another. Of course, knowing this we all strive to make it in anyway possible. People tend to obsess over it.

Well fuck money, and fuck where this is going! haha.

So to make this a little more cheeky i won't bore you with my thoughts on money and how it tends to corrupt good people.

My boring, i lost most of my old friends due to everyone moving away, as you may know, i got out of the marines and now I'm living back in my home town. This is okay, except some of the people i want to see do not live here anymore. This leaves me kind of at a loss of words because, i used to talk to the people around here, and they would always tell me how happy they would be when i got home and they got to spend time with me! Then i get home, and everyone is gone haha, life they say is too busy, and John Lennon would say
"Life happens when your busy making plans."
Well it seems that it only applys when you are younger, as soon as you hit a magical age the only way life does happen with other people is you have to make plans! I guess i would just like to show the fallacy in this statement and i wish someone could tell me a really good story about how something awesome happened when they were making plans for something else! Well fuck me, i dont think it's possible!!!!!!
The monotony of everyday life is taking it's toll, and i just want some kind of really good pick me up. It seems if it's not something about your family, or some kind of drama about how we don't have the money then there is nothing to talk about..

See this is the first time in a long time where i get to spend the majority of my time with my love, and as great as that is, i never thought i would run out of things to say or do. I blame this on my general lack of imagination!

I do have a few close friends though, i see some of them a lot, and some of them i fear i will not ever see again. I made a promise to one of them that i would see them again, and well god dammit, my crystal ball must be broken because i have no idea when that is going to be? How is this possible? I love my friends they are all very good to me, and i hope i am good to them i just wish somehow i could really say i could be there for them when they needed me.

Well that's it, i promise and i really do, so there, i promise to see them all, barring the fact that some of them, haha, don't ever want to see me again...Aww fuck them, I'm going to see them too!

SO WATCH OUT ALL YOU FRIENDS AND WOULD BE FRIENDS IM COMING AROUND SPREADING JOY, I'm like a young, and not so friggen fat Santa, and my present is myself!!! HAA


Sunday, August 22, 2010

I guess i should be more comical.

I suppose i should be more comical considering this is supposed to be cynical and slightly evil. Well lets see if i can't revamp a little old school on this bitch.
For the most part life is pretty fucking peachy, i walk around and do nothing, i smile when i'm supposed to i laugh when it's appropriate and the rest of the time i just go fuck myself, and no one seems to notice. I DO NOT LIKE EVENTS ABOUT ME! However i have to live with them for everyone else? fuck me. So i do, and i even smile and drink and eat to much fucking with my diet and exercise routine.
First and for most i hate most of everyone i have to deal with. Self centered people irk me. And finally if you finally manage to look through your busy schedule and make some time to see someone for something other then yourself, stay longer then just a few hours. Otherwise you just look like a tacky fag.


Friday, August 20, 2010

And let the show begin!

I'm home, and i'm not going anywhere anymore. Which is weird because I am so used to always being on the go. Being so sedentary is driving me bonkers!
My cat despises me very existence, and runs and hides from me anytime i get remotely close. By close i mean, anywhere in the apartment!
School starts soon, and i feel like i'm going to be an utter retard! After almost 5 years i get to go back and try the college thing, which is wicked cool, just i must have forgotten so much. Which is painfully apparent when you look at what core classes i am forced to take!!!
Anyway, the weather has been nice, and i've been outside a lot and it's really nice..and i guess i can get used to the change of pace.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

How do people keep up on these things?

Today, which i use in the sense that there was any difference between today and yesterday. However i do believe that there is a difference when talking about tomorrow. You know the whole unknown thing. Apparently people look forward to the next day as if they want nothing more then for all of their dreams to come true. I'm sure that does happen...if it didn't...why would people keep looking towards tomorrow?

So...Today, i was walking around the mall looking at all the people as my wife scoured through the isles scrupulously looking for whatever it is she was looking for. I realized is it people keep up writing something like this? What exactly do they put in it? Who cares what i did today or how i did it? Apparently someone does! Well, obviously not to this particular blog however. It's okay though, i use this as some kind of background if one day someone will look a me eye to eye and ask me if i had ever written anything, and being as if i had read their mind, i pull out the ( many pages do i have now?) two pages of writing and hand it over to them grinning as if this would be my lucky break. Thank God i continued writing this thing i could think to myself! However honesty would soon snuggle its way into my mind and i would find myself knowing i'm more then likely not writing this for any real reason.

That however is okay, because i enjoy writing...and for having no real formal training or schooling in the matter, i think i can produce sentences that have some appeal while being read. It would be more apparent however if people read them and commented on them... maybe i am to shy..that could always be the case... or perhaps i am to neurotic, which seems to be the most likely of the two.

Oh well...if this could be like me looking towards the tomorrow, which i obviously don't do i hope, someone reads this and finds it halfway amusing...or really they could just bend me over and ream my ass if they like. Which ever.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mass, Liberal or just joking?

Massachusetts, people who don't live there believe it to be one of the most liberal states in the country. However people that live here would either beg otherwise, or they have no idea what they are talking about, and simply go about believing whatever people tell them without any for- or afterthought.

After legalizing gay marriage among a slue of other things, other states looked at Massachusetts with a wary eye. Things, however were fine, more then fine, in fact no one seemed to notice how gay marriage "destroyed the sanctity of marriage". Maybe that was because it never did, everyone got up the same way, brushed their teeth the same way, and went about there day the same way. However this isn't about gay marriage.

This is about how people can walk around with there heads held high, proclaiming to be one of the most liberal states in the country, when everything seems to be illegal. From driving rules to building codes to gun laws. Massachusetts is one of the hardest states to do anything in.

Just the other day i was talking to my buddy in Connecticut about owning a fire arm. Sitting on my couch flipping through the channels of pointless news...the occasional bobs discount furniture ad in the background, i was regaled with the story of how easy it was for him to procure a licence and how even easier it was to go and buy one. I started looking into the licences needed for mass. In comparison to Connecticut, Massachusetts is a paperwork nightmare. Without getting into the down and dirty on how to get licences, or how much they cost, lets just say it requires more then one licence and hundreds of dollars for me to own the same weapon. Funny since he in all actuality lives right down the highway from me.

This morning, and really the point of this post, is while listening to the radio my darling wife and I came across a channel that had some middle aged sounding woman, ranting on how certain dogs should require a licence and classes in order to own one. This is absolutely unbelievable, it seems in this fair "Commonwealth" the only way to stop crime is to put pointless classes and make people pay even more money to own an animal which by law is considered property. The dog in which the crone over the radio was talking was the dreaded and feared Pitt-bull. Apparently the fair people of Mass have a bone chilling fear of these dogs and the only way to ensure their safety would be to put out another licence. Therefore when you are walking down the street with your pit police can stop you and ask you for your licence? And if my memory serves me correctly i do believe that people that have these animals for the right reasons take them to classes in order to train and socialize these dogs.

That is ridiculous, when has a person that fights dogs ever bought a licence, when will they? They are already doing something illegal, people say that with this cops can now charge these people with more fines or whatever when the catch them. Then why do cops just walk by when they see a dog off a leash, or why don't they fine the owner when the dog's tags aren't up to date? How many of these fighting dogs that are apparently on the loose running around terrorising people have they caught? Does the positive outweigh the negative? Besides having a new licence to tax and stopping good people from buying these lovable dogs? What happens to the families that already own these dogs can't afford to send them to the class or get the licence? Do they become homeless? Do they send them to a shelter to be euthanized? What happens to all these dogs? And for the people that are fighting the dogs and training them to be aggressive can we be sure these people will get the licences? And what about people with other types of large dogs? Say a German Shepard, or a Doberman, are they going to have to get licence's in order to have a potentially harmful animal? Personally I have seen more little dogs attack people then larger ones.

I just don't seem to understand...with all of this ridiculous to we continue going around calling ourselves a liberal state?


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where are you going?

Forward, i would just like to let everyone be perfectly aware that i hate you all. It's really nothing overly's just that people suck and they expect you to do the right thing...and when you don't you get to be the asshole...but don't ever impose on them the same.

I look around and people move...from one place to another..never knowing how their actions effect others.. how i that possible? I know my actions have consequences, and after many nights of dealing with them, i have come to terms with them.

Just remember, you are who you are. If your a scumbag..your a scumbag..who can tell you that you're wrong? What if your a 22 year old slob that doesn't keep a clean house? That's just who you are. Deal with it. Everyone tries to go around and be someone they're not.. I've tried..and let me tell you never get tired..and then you eventually come back to reality, and you look around and where are you? If you look around and don't remember how you got either did way to many drugs..or you lied to yourself and ended up there.

Just do what makes you happy..but at the same time..try to not take to many people down with you when you do it... everyone is trying to do the same be respectful for the love of god.

What else is there to say at this point?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's been a minute, hasn't it...

How long has it been now? Well aparently i long time, and still to now surprise, no one cares haha. I've had a lot of time to think about thing to write about, and once in awhile i've even had i few things to say, but alas, now that im sitting here in front of my computer i can't think of anything.
To help me think of somthing, i type random things on this page. it looks a little something like "deefighrndithfuckfhginreggwhatfhfiergtofvierfnsayfrgj>" Which is ironic since that's what my writing looks like anyways.
When that doesn't work i resort to walking in circles or simply listening to the sounds of the world. Which boringly consist of the air conditioning kicking in, or the sound of sirens far off in the night. None of which consequently helps my writing one little bit.
Lately I've been planning for the future, which is undoubtly coming and i can't wait. Pretty soon I'll be in school wanting to see all my old friends. Hopefully they are all still around.
Time...I guess that's the point of this bog. You never really realize how much time passes..or really how fast it passes by. I guess it's a good thing that everyone wants to move so quickly. In some way it's like we are all instinctively designed to move fast so that we can get more time with what time we have. Although it just seems odd that since life passes us by so quickly then why is life the longest thing we do? Time doesn't really seem to play by any real rules.
For example, you start driving to go on vacation. It takes forever to get there. However on the way back it seems to take half the time. Perception seems to be the gauge we judge time in.
It's late, and i ran out of things to say, and reading back I'm just ashamed of this post. So i guess i should just stop while I'm ahead and bid everyone a good night.