Sunday, August 22, 2010

I guess i should be more comical.

I suppose i should be more comical considering this is supposed to be cynical and slightly evil. Well lets see if i can't revamp a little old school on this bitch.
For the most part life is pretty fucking peachy, i walk around and do nothing, i smile when i'm supposed to i laugh when it's appropriate and the rest of the time i just go fuck myself, and no one seems to notice. I DO NOT LIKE EVENTS ABOUT ME! However i have to live with them for everyone else? fuck me. So i do, and i even smile and drink and eat to much fucking with my diet and exercise routine.
First and for most i hate most of everyone i have to deal with. Self centered people irk me. And finally if you finally manage to look through your busy schedule and make some time to see someone for something other then yourself, stay longer then just a few hours. Otherwise you just look like a tacky fag.


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