Friday, September 21, 2012


Well there peeps, why hello. It sure has been awhile and by awhile I mean me, not doing anything....

 It seems a whole lot of stuff these days that is on the interest is filled with the same babble everyone else has, I haven't gotten around to this, or I haven't had the time, or I'm to tired, or my mother just got ran over by a reindeer.

FIRST and foremost we all know that reindeer can't in fact fly so that is total B.S. Now there are certain rules that everyone must use in order to tell the B.S. from the not so B.S., one, can it be proven? And two, Fuck proof if more than one person says its true, then it has to be. Therefore following my infallible math, my mother getting hit by a reindeer is in fact.....


Simply because my wife says so (Sorry ladies, I'm taken, please if you are going to cry use the puffs + lotion, it's better that way)

However, using excuses such as, I was just to busy, is complete bullshit, simply because no one else thinks you were except for you, and therefore by default there are not enough people weighing in on your option.

Secondly I am appalled that this page has had less views then my deviantart page because lets face it, my art sucks, and two I am a much better writer. (This was also verified as truth by my wife)

Anyway this time I mean it, I am going to try once a week to write something while I sit here on the potty and take a poop (this cannot be verified because my wife just left for work, which means I am officially late for school.)

Anyone else ever notice that in order to maintain a high GPA you actually have to put an easy class as your first class especially when the first class is at some ungodly early hour like 8:15? That way you can stroll in late, not give a shit, throw some odd gangsign in hopes your professors assumes that you are dangerous if not armed, all so you can take some seat in the back corner of the room. Fuck paper, grab the laptop, and "take notes" whatever the hell that means.

Seriously, who uses the


Method, if I ever meet you, and you admit to it, i will kick your mother right in her ovaries, because it was an obvious mistake for her to have those. I would fuck with your father, but chances are he is meaner, bigger, and stronger then I am and therefore would be a terrible idea. You mother on the other hand would be a much better option. I muse at the idea of getting served cookies and a tall glass of STFU
Lastly, please wish my friend John well as he goes into surgery this fine morning, he has had a hernia for some time now and finally is getting it fixed.

Well I better log, my legs are going numb from sitting here on the john (No not my friend John who is going in for surgery, you freaks) and I still need to wipe my ass, and make a sandwich before I can go.