Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another day, not another dollar?

Money, Everyone assumes they need it in one way or another. Of course, knowing this we all strive to make it in anyway possible. People tend to obsess over it.

Well fuck money, and fuck where this is going! haha.

So to make this a little more cheeky i won't bore you with my thoughts on money and how it tends to corrupt good people.

My boring, i lost most of my old friends due to everyone moving away, as you may know, i got out of the marines and now I'm living back in my home town. This is okay, except some of the people i want to see do not live here anymore. This leaves me kind of at a loss of words because, i used to talk to the people around here, and they would always tell me how happy they would be when i got home and they got to spend time with me! Then i get home, and everyone is gone haha, life they say is too busy, and John Lennon would say
"Life happens when your busy making plans."
Well it seems that it only applys when you are younger, as soon as you hit a magical age the only way life does happen with other people is you have to make plans! I guess i would just like to show the fallacy in this statement and i wish someone could tell me a really good story about how something awesome happened when they were making plans for something else! Well fuck me, i dont think it's possible!!!!!!
The monotony of everyday life is taking it's toll, and i just want some kind of really good pick me up. It seems if it's not something about your family, or some kind of drama about how we don't have the money then there is nothing to talk about..

See this is the first time in a long time where i get to spend the majority of my time with my love, and as great as that is, i never thought i would run out of things to say or do. I blame this on my general lack of imagination!

I do have a few close friends though, i see some of them a lot, and some of them i fear i will not ever see again. I made a promise to one of them that i would see them again, and well god dammit, my crystal ball must be broken because i have no idea when that is going to be? How is this possible? I love my friends they are all very good to me, and i hope i am good to them i just wish somehow i could really say i could be there for them when they needed me.

Well that's it, i promise and i really do, so there, i promise to see them all, barring the fact that some of them, haha, don't ever want to see me again...Aww fuck them, I'm going to see them too!

SO WATCH OUT ALL YOU FRIENDS AND WOULD BE FRIENDS IM COMING AROUND SPREADING JOY, I'm like a young, and not so friggen fat Santa, and my present is myself!!! HAA