Thursday, August 12, 2010

How do people keep up on these things?

Today, which i use in the sense that there was any difference between today and yesterday. However i do believe that there is a difference when talking about tomorrow. You know the whole unknown thing. Apparently people look forward to the next day as if they want nothing more then for all of their dreams to come true. I'm sure that does happen...if it didn't...why would people keep looking towards tomorrow?

So...Today, i was walking around the mall looking at all the people as my wife scoured through the isles scrupulously looking for whatever it is she was looking for. I realized is it people keep up writing something like this? What exactly do they put in it? Who cares what i did today or how i did it? Apparently someone does! Well, obviously not to this particular blog however. It's okay though, i use this as some kind of background if one day someone will look a me eye to eye and ask me if i had ever written anything, and being as if i had read their mind, i pull out the ( many pages do i have now?) two pages of writing and hand it over to them grinning as if this would be my lucky break. Thank God i continued writing this thing i could think to myself! However honesty would soon snuggle its way into my mind and i would find myself knowing i'm more then likely not writing this for any real reason.

That however is okay, because i enjoy writing...and for having no real formal training or schooling in the matter, i think i can produce sentences that have some appeal while being read. It would be more apparent however if people read them and commented on them... maybe i am to shy..that could always be the case... or perhaps i am to neurotic, which seems to be the most likely of the two.

Oh well...if this could be like me looking towards the tomorrow, which i obviously don't do i hope, someone reads this and finds it halfway amusing...or really they could just bend me over and ream my ass if they like. Which ever.


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  1. Joe, I love reading your posts. Your an amazing writer. And you always keep me entertained and manage to make me smile no matter what. I miss you!