Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's been a minute, hasn't it...

How long has it been now? Well aparently i long time, and still to now surprise, no one cares haha. I've had a lot of time to think about thing to write about, and once in awhile i've even had i few things to say, but alas, now that im sitting here in front of my computer i can't think of anything.
To help me think of somthing, i type random things on this page. it looks a little something like "deefighrndithfuckfhginreggwhatfhfiergtofvierfnsayfrgj>" Which is ironic since that's what my writing looks like anyways.
When that doesn't work i resort to walking in circles or simply listening to the sounds of the world. Which boringly consist of the air conditioning kicking in, or the sound of sirens far off in the night. None of which consequently helps my writing one little bit.
Lately I've been planning for the future, which is undoubtly coming and i can't wait. Pretty soon I'll be in school wanting to see all my old friends. Hopefully they are all still around.
Time...I guess that's the point of this bog. You never really realize how much time passes..or really how fast it passes by. I guess it's a good thing that everyone wants to move so quickly. In some way it's like we are all instinctively designed to move fast so that we can get more time with what time we have. Although it just seems odd that since life passes us by so quickly then why is life the longest thing we do? Time doesn't really seem to play by any real rules.
For example, you start driving to go on vacation. It takes forever to get there. However on the way back it seems to take half the time. Perception seems to be the gauge we judge time in.
It's late, and i ran out of things to say, and reading back I'm just ashamed of this post. So i guess i should just stop while I'm ahead and bid everyone a good night.

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