Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where are you going?

Forward, i would just like to let everyone be perfectly aware that i hate you all. It's really nothing overly's just that people suck and they expect you to do the right thing...and when you don't you get to be the asshole...but don't ever impose on them the same.

I look around and people move...from one place to another..never knowing how their actions effect others.. how i that possible? I know my actions have consequences, and after many nights of dealing with them, i have come to terms with them.

Just remember, you are who you are. If your a scumbag..your a scumbag..who can tell you that you're wrong? What if your a 22 year old slob that doesn't keep a clean house? That's just who you are. Deal with it. Everyone tries to go around and be someone they're not.. I've tried..and let me tell you never get tired..and then you eventually come back to reality, and you look around and where are you? If you look around and don't remember how you got either did way to many drugs..or you lied to yourself and ended up there.

Just do what makes you happy..but at the same time..try to not take to many people down with you when you do it... everyone is trying to do the same be respectful for the love of god.

What else is there to say at this point?


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