Saturday, October 24, 2009

Everyday life that no one cares about.

Life happens... I guess thats the best way to start. In this swirling bowl of shit people desperately try to climb their way out of a whole that they can't help.
Living down in North Carolina just proves my point. Everyday i wake up and realize people are soo busy with their own lives that they don't realize anyone else. That being said, i think that if they did notice, they wouldn't do anything hoping the next person would have the common curtisy to do what they could not. Which is overly a fine way of looking at it, except everyone feels the same way.
The mornings here feel like some stranger in the night walked into your house fucked your asshole, and didn't even have the common curtisy to give a man a reach around. I wake up too early to go into work way to early to sit around and wait for something interesting to happen. Of course nothing ever does, so everyday is a constant let down.
There are good things in life however that keep the constant ball taps at bay. My wife for example keeps me growned which is a good thing, without her I would float away in a sea of misery. She's smart, sexy, and overly loving and she's good for me. Of course she can't always be here, which is not really a let down but more of a ball buster for a guy like me. I feel like the zolfolt guy, you know the one with the rain cloud over head?
I however don't want to banter about my own life, it would just be an endless entry that people would hopfully read and wonder why i haven't killed myself.
I hate you North Carolina, your undwater water table with your stupid fake southern hospitality. Everyone is so quick to smile, and then when you ask a ligitamate question, they still have the nerve to smile at you, then tell you they can't help you. Stupidly i keep asking for help, which to my knowledge is the defenition of insanity.
Periodically i will check in, and keep writing about what i see, and here, and maybe throw a few blurbs in about my past, and lets hope someone will read this and at the very least find this intertaning to read. However i don't hold any real hope.


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