Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tonight, for what it's worth.

Tonight, what i thought was going to be a normal everyday useless night. Fortunetly there where some changes that i guess you can say have made it one of the more memorable nights.
At first just know that i was starting to sip on some vodka, and playing guitar hero. Then out of nowhere i get a text from my friend that says "lets go bowling". Of course there was nothing better to do, so i accepted, and the only other text message i got from him was "We can leave once my wife finishes her drink." Which means to me, we are about to be ready come on by.
Apon pulling into their apartment complex, vodka tucked securely into my back pocket, I walk to the door and knock. Nothing, nothing at all not even their dog barking. So of course i let myself in. The lights are on like normal and nothing seems to be out of place except they are not around. Out of the blue, i hear something that should come out of a porno comes across my ears.
I'm stumped... what do i do? should i leave, or should i walk outside risking they would hear me walking around their house. Of course, i try to leave, closing the door and then sitting down on their patio furniture. I proceed to call my mother and about five minutes into it, the dog starts barking and my buddy comes to the door, not opening it, but then yells through the door "Come in, in a minute you non knocking fuck."
Well after my mother had to hear about it, and i walked inside, their was my buddy and his wife sitting at the table, not too sure what to say i just smile and pour myself a drink. Luckily they still want to go bowling which im totally down for. Since i invited my friend to come over my house with someone from school and use my living room, for whatever they want too do.
At the bowling alley, I could see all the redneck fucks that make up the majority of North Carolina. Bowling itself was fun, and sure enough the man and the woman that where supposed to be using my living room show up at the bowling alley which means i cannot go back home soon.
To make an even longer story short, i passed out at their house, and then woke up and drove back, made something to eat... and then as i am now laying in bed.
Even though tonight is over, i'm farely positive i wouldn't change anything. it's always nice to hear people happy..


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  1., the life you lead! Funny fricking story bro!!!