Friday, October 30, 2009

How did this happen?

Funny really, how whenever you want to write something and you get around to it, you can never manage to put anything down. How does that work? i guess it is the mystery of all great writers...and I'm glad they never passed it on, then no one would ever think any literary work it worth while.
tonight of all nights me and a very old friend was refreshing, and luckily we both made it out alive. conversations like you well know, go one of two ways, either really fucking well, or so horribly wrong. if they do manage to go south, which you well know, there is no saying what people will say...or how they might mean what they say. emotion grabs hold, and takes you on a roller coaster ride from hell.
At least i was with a good friend, that way i wasn't torn down too hard...and neither was he. we both have a secret, not of course the same one...but the same one. and it kills us none the less. at least we can use each other as the life raft that keeps us afloat.
I sometimes wonder if the people that can do this to us even realize what or how they do it? if they did, do you think they would stop? or would they smile evilly, very similarly to how a snot nosed fuck burns ants with his glasses?
As the t.v. played some mediocrity in the background, and the wine ran dry we sat and talked for longer then i ever thought possible about that same thing we had talked about a million times before. It's not that talking doesn't work it's that even if you talk, and do nothing about it, it never gets solved.
Men unluckily for the sex, never do well backed into a corner in which women, the other species love to put us. they think quick, act fast and let emotion run through their saturated words. men on the other hand have what we like to think of as a defense against the woman enemy. ANGER, which of course leads to instability in the conversation, and of course is perfectly designed to hurt woman in their feelings and make them no longer want to talk about whatever they think is important enough to talk about.
I only could wish they would take the time to read this, and even though they won't know which friend I'm talking about... or which women i'm talking about, i think it's important on some level not to know...that way you can put yourself into the equation and see how the fuck you make out.


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