Sunday, October 25, 2009

I quit at life, my life to be exact.

Today was a day like no other, earlier i was suggested i go to the beach and walk, so i did. While the waves crashed and the sun dipped behind clouds, i sat on my friend's towel and watched it all happen. Even though i should have i didn't feel small. As a matter of fact, i felt empowered to do things that i couldn't do before hand. So far i feel good.
Earlier today while i washed my car, to give the two that stayed at my house more privacy i decided to change what i saw through Jacksonville. I gave someone two quarters, so they could finish washing their car. He looked confused and his friend didn't have much to say either. I'm not sure it did anything but lets hope i triggered something somewhere.
My car is clean now, and there is no one to admire it, i don't even admire it, although i love it for the fact that i own it and there is no reason to get rid of it yet. As long as she runs well, i will love her for what she's worth.
Well i told you that when i ran out of things to write about, i might squeeze in some of my past. I applyed for college the other week, and getting in might be harder then i thought. My over all gpa from high school is only a 1.29 and the college i want to attend is looking for a minimum of 2.5. This does not bode well for me, however i will call the dean of admissions tomorrow and talk to her, and hopefully she will let me in! fingers crossed.
On a real note however, i finally befriended my father on facebook, which you might think is lame. However when you're not really sure what to say to him, facebook might be the best answer. I realized something however, out of the eighty something pictures, i wasn't in one of them, which i guess doesn't really matter. However it would be nice not to be forgotten..
BTW- go pats


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